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It was only a matter of time before ADR hit the Interet. The Internet has sweepingly transformed society just as ADR has wrought tremendous change in our society, by enabling the swift and economical settlement of disputes, and unclogging the legal system in the process. The application of alternative dispute resolution methods to the Internet, termed "iDR" in this comment, has the potential to impact the landscape of both traditional ADR and the Internet itself. It brings the communication technology of the Internet to the practice of traditional, non-virtual, "real world" ADR, reducing costs and speeding up the exchange of information, increasing its efficiency even more. At the same time ADR may civilize the Internet without requiring a centralizing authority. In classic ADR parlance, this would be a win-win situation. This article outlines the ways in which ADR exists on the Internet, explores schemes to mediate and arbitrate disputes in cyberspace, and discusses some challenges to the full use of iDR.