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The Pepperdine Law Review is a scholarly legal journal edited and published by students at the Pepperdine University School of Law. Members of the Law Review are selected on the basis of academic excellence and outstanding scholarship, and membership in the Law Review is recognized as both an honor and a unique educational experience. The members of the Law Review edit articles written by professors, lawyers, judges, legislators, and other scholars, as well as producing their own Comments or Notes on legal developments and significant cases.

Current Issue: Volume 44, Issue 3 (2017) Symposium: The United States Vice Presidency: In History, Practice and the Future

This issue was published as a special issue in Volume 44, after issue 2. As published, It does not have a numerical designation.



The Vice President-More than an Afterthought?
Richard B. Cheney, Edwin Meese III, and Douglas W. Kmiec


Helen Andrews
Managing Editor
Emily Speier
Business and Production Editor
Tess Douglas
Symposium Editor
Alice Anderson
Essays, Reviews and Other Commentary Editor
Derek O’Reilly-Jones