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Current Issue: Volume 43, Issue 5 (2016) Symposium: International Arbitration and the Courts

This issue was published as a special issue in Volume 43, after issue 2. As published, It does not have a numerical designation.



Introduction: International Arbitration and the Courts
Donald Earl Childress III, Jack J. Coe Jr., and Lacey L. Estudillo


BG Group and "Conditions" to Arbitral Jurisdiction
Alan Scott Rau and Andrea K. Bjorklund


Enforcement of ICSID Convention Arbitral Awards in U.S. Courts
Abby Cohen Smutny, Anne D. Smith, and McCoy Pitt



Andrew Kasabian
Managing Editor
Lacey Estudillo
Production Editor
Jared Speier
Symposium Editor
Robert Shapiro
Essays & Reviews Editor
Brady Cox