Events from 2019

Physical activity and psychosocial well-being during pregnancy in Mexican-American women., Caitlyn Bautista, Viridiana Hernandez-Lopez, Genesis Trejo, and Cooker Storm


Arterial distribution of the human aorta: An examination of the evolutionary, developmental, and physiological bases of asymmetry., Brandon Oddo and Cooker Storm

Gestational weight gain and birth outcome in Mexican-American women, Genesis Trejo, Viridiana Hernandez-Lopez, Caitlyn Bautista, and Cooker Storm

Events from 2018


Mechanism of nitric oxide induced sympatholysis in rat soleus feed arteries, Madelyn Whitaker, Jeffrey Jasperse, and Tanner Heckle

Events from 2017

ZumUp: Building a Healthier Community, Bianca Ruiz, Martin J. Tienda, and vaughan Taylor

Events from 2016

Sympatholytic effect of calcitonin gene-related peptide in rat soleus and gastrocnemius feed arteries, Megan E. Brown

Functional Interval Training (FIT) to Optimize Mental and Physical Function in Older Adults, Brian Dietz and Troy Marxen

Flow-Induced Dilation of Skeletal Muscle Feed Arteries: Relevance to Exercise Hyperemia, Brittni N. Moore

Events from 2015


Are There Differences in EEG Metrics Between Younger and Older Healthy Adult When Performing Challenging Cognitive Tasks?, Brian Cheah, Dr. Priscilla MacRae, Dr. Janet Trammell, Greta Davis, Dylan Bergstedt, Jessica Chao, and Nancy Zelaya

Do ATP and hydrogen peroxide cause sympatholysis in rat soleus feed arteries?, Tanner J. Heckle and Jeffrey L. Jasperse

The effect of aerobic exercise training on endothelium-dependent dilation, Samara R. Jasperse and Jeffrey L. Jasperse

Effect of Cardiac Autonomic Balance During Sleep on Elite Cycling Performance Following Fatiguing Exercise, Erin N. Lee, Holden MacRae, Daniel Turner, Craig Broeder, and Per Lundstam


Flow-Induced Dilation of Skeletal Muscle Feed Arteries: Relevance to Exercise Hyperemia, Brittni N. Moore and Jeffrey J. Jasperse Dr.

Events from 2014


The effect of shear stress, potassium, and adenosine on α-1 adrenergic vasoconstriction of rat soleus feed arteries, Tanner J. Heckle


Delivery and Pitch Type Alter Ground Reaction Forces in Baseball Pitching, Garrett Kass