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Research Poster

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Fall 2012


In this research, we will address this question: Do the modern methods of practicing the Shikoku Pilgrimage stay true to the ancient intent of the pilgrimage? People who embark on the journey to each of the 88 Shikoku temple sites do so to escape to another world of peace and tranquility that they cannot obtain in their regular daily lives. Unfortunately, there is a large gap in scholarship on the topic of the Shikoku Buddhist Pilgrimage: little is written about how the shift from ancient to modern practices of the pilgrimage has changed pilgrims’ experiences. Little is known by Westerners about the art objects that pilgrims encounter along the way to the temples, because some of the available artworks that pilgrims would encounter and view on their route to the temple sites cannot be removed from the route. We will demonstrate how walking the pilgrimage is more fulfilling than experiencing the pilgrimage by modernized transportation.

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