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Research Poster

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Spring 2013


A comparative study of the mechanical strength in two species of ferns, the winter deciduous Pteridium aquilinum and the evergreen Polystichum munitum, was done. The mechanical strength of the leaf and stipe were used as a means for comparison. Additional data such as specific leaf mass (g/cm2) were also collected. The first hypothesis was that the evergreen fern would have higher leaf mechanical strength, while the second hypothesis was that there would be no difference in the mechanical strength of the stipe. The mechanical strength of the stipe was compared through the Modulus of Elasticity (MOE), while the leaf tensile strength was contrasted through the Modulus (Automatic) – both quantities having been determined with the Instron. The former comparison yielded a P-value of 0.1299 (P>0.05) for an unpaired t-test for equal variance, and the latter yielded P

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