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The Santa Monica Mountains are home to a unique Mediterranean type ecosystem. Due to the effects of global warming and human disruption, the native species are beginning to decrease in population. It is imperative to observe and study the native species in order to preserve the local plant and animal life. This project focuses on the native flower Datura wrightii, specifically the causes of the opening and closing of its flowers. For Datura wrightii to be pollinated, it must be open. The results of this project will help to educate the public on how to sustain an environment in which Datura wrightii can flourish. This study also hopes to encourage people living in Mediterranean type climates to plant native flowers, like Datura wrightii instead of introducing nonnative species. Our hypothesis was that temperature, light level, and relative humidity affect water stress on the flower which is the main factor to why the flower opens and closes. Our hypothesis was partially supported.

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