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Presented here is a comparison of the predawn fluorescence of adult Heteromeles arbutifolia growing on the Pepperdine Seaver campus next to the lacrosse field, and adult Heteromeles growing in Tapia canyon. The analysis of the leaf temperature measured by an IR thermometer showed an average of 9.32°C drop when measuring plants in Tapia canyon compared to those growing on the warmer Pepperdine campus. The air temperature measured by the Kestrel and IR thermometer showed Tapia canyon being an average of 7.27°C colder than predawn measurements on Pepperdine campus. Finally, the fluorescence of the plants in both locations was measured using a Pulse-modulated fluorometer, and based on these results it is evident that there is no difference between the fluorescence of Heteromeles arbutifolia grown in a cold climate versus a warm climate.

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