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We hypothesize that higher CO2 levels will lead to a change in photosynthetic performance in the Malosma laurina population of the Santa Monica Mountains. We used one Malosma laurina that is across the street from university’s theme tower. We chose this specific plant because it was in the sun and it was in a well irrigated area. We selected a plant that is in non-shaded areas at 12:00 pm and then dark adapt them for 20 minutes. We selected an adult plant that was between four and six feet tall. We took the measurements from the upper leaves of the plant. We measured the photosynthetic rates of the plant, which will be exposed to the unaltered CO2 levels of the natural environment in the Santa Monica Mountains. Then, we used the LICOR (Li- 6400) system to create create three separate environments that we will then impose on the same plant but using different leaves. These simulated environments will have CO2 levels of 280ppm (past atmospheric level of CO2 before the industrial revolution), 400ppm (current atmospheric level of CO2), and 800ppm (expected atmospheric level of CO2 by 2100).

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