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Our study focused on post-fire recovery in the California Black Walnut, Juglans californica. Our study was conducted Sycamore Canyon, an area of the Santa Monica Mountain Range recently damaged by the April 2013 fires. Part of our study focused on water potential and water stress among J. californica; we examined differences in the water potentials of mature, unburned trees and resprouts which have grown since the fires in April. We found that mature trees have a significantly higher water potential than sprouts, either epicormic or basal, which indicates that they are better equipped to handle water stress. We also found that water potential among basal sprouts is higher than water potential among epicormic sprouts. Additionally, we characterized individual trees along a gradient in the canyon. Plant distance from ocean, basal health, and epicormic sprouting were measured. We found that a correlation did indeed exist between epicormic sprouting and the distance of the plant from the ocean, however there were no significant correlations between basal health and distance from ocean.

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