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we believe that there is a correlation between the increasing frequency and duration of droughts in California and climate change. The first step to solving any problem, such as a drought, is to identify the cause of the problem. As a result of the research conducted, we can determine that it is possible that climate change is a leading cause to droughts. We hope that by providing evidence that climate change is causing droughts, people will become aware that climate change does have negative results that we experience on a daily basis. We used several different scholarly resources when conducting our research, including peer-reviewed scientific publications as well as scientific journals, all written by experts in their field. Extremely high atmospheric pressure is preventing storms from reaching California, and we found that the atmospheric pressure would not be as high if it wasn't for the influence of human-caused Greenhouse Gasses. With this we were able to conclude that it is very likely that human-caused climate change ultimately causes the dramatic droughts we experience today.

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