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The two monocot species, Yucca whippelei and Elymus condensata chosen for this study are two co-occurring species on the Pepperdine campus. We chose 6 samples of each species and looked at parameters that would allow us to compare their post fire growth rates. These parameters included leaf area index, internal CO2 levels, transpiration rate, and photosynthetic rate. We used the Students T-test on the means of each parameter and found significant differences in leaf area index, internal CO2 levels, and transpiration rate. All of these were greater in the Yucca except for the leaf area index. We concluded that, because Yucca was a resprout and already had established roots vs Elymus being a seedling and having no established roots,Yucca had a larger water supply and could out compete Elymus in post fire growth.

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