Brian Howaniec

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This Comment explores the brewing controversy over Title I and assesses the actual impact that it is having (and will have) on investor protection and the IPO market. This Comment argues that Title I has the ability to affect both, but, due to factors outside of Congress's control, will likely have only a minimal effect on either. Part II discusses the objectives of investor protection legislation and how previous legislation regulated the financial markets. Part III explains how these regulations have been changed for emerging growth companies under Title I. Part IV examines what impact Title I will have on investor protection and how this impact may be overstated. Part V discusses Title I's effect on the IPO market and suggests what could be done to improve the JOBS Act and the IPO market. Parts VI and VII conclude this Comment by discussing the changing impact of the JOBS Act from the time this Comment was originally completed in early 2014 to the time it was published in 2015.