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This article takes an in-depth look at the most subscribed individual YouTube channel, Pewdiepie, as of 2019. Using the theoretical framework of Parasocial Interactions Theory, Hegemonic Masculinities Theory (HMT), and Inclusive Masculinities Theory (IMT), it is possible to better understand the factors of Pewdiepie’s popularity that have led to profitability. By surveying 50 Pewdiepie experts (via Instagram and YouTube), data about this particular relationship between popularity and profitability was obtained. This article puts forth the argument that factors such as Pewdiepie’s consistent uploading and sense of humor contribute to his immense popularity which only makes him more profitable. The more viewers that watch Pewdiepie’s videos, the more money he can make based on ad revenue and merchandise sales. This research contributes to a greater understanding of YouTube, consumer behavior, and Parasocial relationships. Pewdiepie’s ability to grow with the gaming industry and overcome controversy makes him a character of resilience.

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