As everyone is a consumer of the healthcare in one or more points of their lives, Americans have been exposed to the fractured healthcare system. We all hear stories concerning America’s overpriced medical care, medical debt and bankruptcies, and delayed treatments. However, with a partisan government and private businesses involved in these nationwide debates, many Americans believe in little to no effective change in our healthcare system to benefit the masses. Due to this, many Americans are defaulting in the idea of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” or “Healthcare for all” plan to work for America’s current health system.

Using rhetorical analysis of myth, the examination of Bernie Sanders’ healthcare plan reveals the problem of United States’ existence, the dysfunctional health system, and how Americans adhere to this myth. This rhetorical analysis of myth represents how myths are not simply stories, but a way to provide a solution to a overly complicated problem. By using the structural and functional format of myths, the comparison between Bernie Sanders and Moses from the Exodus story explains how this healthcare plan become woven into our society a widely accepted story. Furthermore, the myth represents treasured American values and how we, as a country, should approach such a heavy and necessary issue.

Faculty Advisor

Justin Kirk