What does it do to a university's credibility if they do not believe in science? 97% or more of climate scientists agree that climate warming over the last century is due to anthropogenic activity (NASA, 2022). However, Pepperdine University is a climate denier in the face of a scientific consensus (Levens, 2022). The Pepperdine administration has refused to admit that anthropogenic climate change is real with the reasoning of "encouraging debate" on the topic (Levens, 2022). Students are upset at this claim due to the implication that climate change is negatively affecting vulnerable populations around the globe, and Christians are biblically prompted to serve these groups of people (Pepperdine YECA Fellows). While Pepperdine has a Center for Sustainability, the center's website includes no acknowledgment of anthropogenic climate change (Pepperdine University). This persuasive campaign aims to mobilize the student population on environmentalism and push the Pepperdine administration to formally and effectively address anthropogenic climate change in university policies.

Faculty Advisor

Diana Martinez

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