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School Safety Legal Anthology

School Safety Legal Anthology


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This legal anthology presents contemporary thoughts covering a broad range of topics in education and school safety from a national perspective. It covers four major areas: (1) an overview of schools in U.S. society from historical and legal perspectives; (2) an exploration of some aspects of school crime; (3) restitution, parental liability, Article I, Section 28(c) of the California Constitution, the "safe schools" provision, and law-related education as potential aids in improving school climate; and (4) the legal profession's role in education. James Rapp sketches U.S. educational history from colonial times to the present and discusses education law as a specialty area of practice. Patricia Lines and Judith Bray trace the legal definition of "school" from early cases to modern times. Joan McDermott provides a sociological study of the interrelationships among offenders, victims, and fearful youths in schools. M. Chester Nolte discusses disciplinary procedures and the increasingly criminal nature of student infractions. B. Glen Epley shows how courts have handled questions of school boards' decisions regarding student discipline. Jeri Goldman discusses the legal conditions surrounding student/parent restitution for damages by the student to school property. Dana Prescott and Cynthia Kundin analyze common law restrictions on financial recovery by a victim from the offender's parents. Kimberly Sawyer discusses the adoption of the "safe schools" provision in the California Constitution. Finally, James Rapp takes a practical, pragmatic look at education law as a speciality area of practice and George Nicholson and others encourage involvement and provide model programs for lawyers to participate in the educational process and help promote safer, more effective schools. (GEA)

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School Safety Legal Anthology