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While the economy declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, big technology companies like Amazon and Oracle experienced unprecedented growth and influence. Critics argue big technology companies are finding this level of success in-part due to anticompetitive practices. The crux of the debate rests on whether current, traditional antitrust laws are sufficient to cope with big technology companies. Some theorists argue that current laws are adequate, while others assert that antitrust laws are insufficient to regulate big technology companies because they are so different from the types of companies antitrust laws were designed to regulate. This article concludes that big tech companies are distinguishable from the firms antitrust laws were designed to mitigate because their business models allow them to attain monopoly status, domineer marketplaces, and undercut competitors while simultaneously catering to consumer welfare. This article points to a potential solution to this problem, advocating for alterations to current antitrust laws to accommodate big technology companies rather than completely revamping the antitrust regulation system.