Ashley Carroll

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This comment will explain the evolution of welfare reform, present some proposals that others have suggested in order to remedy the problems the current system has, and suggest a way to best serve those of a lower socio-economic status. Part II explains the background on welfare reform and why the reform that occurred during the Clinton administration was so revolutionary. It will explain how the progress in the Clinton administration impacted the effectiveness of welfare reform. Part III details how the current welfare programs in place impact the United States, and how the changes by the Obama administration contrast with what was done during Clinton's presidency. Part IV describes the different proposals and outlines the key aspects of these proposals that each respective author believes will accelerate change. Part V discusses what comprehensive plan will be the best remedy for the problems the current welfare system possesses. It will also suggest which organizations the state government should partner with in order to streamline the welfare program. Finally, Part VI will show how the proposed plan will impact the United States going forward.