The relationships between individual depression symptomatology, marital satisfaction, and social support communication behaviors were examined. Social support communication behaviors of partners as a moderator of the relationship between their own individual depression symptomatology and marital satisfaction was also examined. This study included 96 chronically and seriously distressed heterosexual married couples seeking couple therapy. This study found no relationship between marital satisfaction and depressive symptomatology and no relationship between depression symptomatology and positive and negative social support (p > .05). A significant interaction between gender and marital satisfaction in predictive depressive symptomatology was found (p < .05). Negative social support was significantly negatively related to marital satisfaction (p < .01). Positive social support was significantly positively related to marital satisfaction (p < .001). Social support did not moderate the relationship between depression symptoms and marital satisfaction (p > .05).

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Dissertations (PsyD) -- Psychology; Depression, Mental -- Case studies; Marriage counseling -- Case studies; Social networks -- Psychological aspects

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Eldridge, Kathleen;