Although diversity training is an $8 billion industry, questions surrounding its utility and impact remain. To address the issue of diversity training effectiveness, the research project goes beyond reviewing workforce diversity as a measurement, and investigates whether diversity training impacts a leader's ability to manage differences and create an inclusive work environment. Data were collected from 44 individuals in leadership roles across multiple organizations in the United States. All participants completed a condensed Diversity Relationship Indicator TM assessment, as well as a 6 question interview protocol to gauge their experience with diversity training. The results of the research reflected the utility of diversity training. Specifically, individuals who participated in diversity training (regardless of type) had a significantly higher presence of attributes (self-awareness, accountability, interpersonal-skills, open & inclusive team, diversity management) related to successfully managing differences and creating an inclusive work environment, than those who were diversity training naïve.

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Research projects (MSOD); Diversity in the workplace; Employees -- Training of; Organizational change; Management

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Graziadio Business School



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Feyerherm, Ann;