This project aimed to: (a) account for a method by which executive coaches may be trained in personal brand coaching, (b) describe the executive coaches' abilities to coach in particular personal brand matters pretest, posttest and posttest, and (c) assess levels of client satisfaction based upon receipt of personal brand coaching throughout a 3 month period. Thus, this grounded theory and phenomenological study sought to deduce a training process that can be used to train coaches on how to coach employing personal brand. Furthermore, the study deduced the abilities of these coaches in specific areas of personal brand coaching per training literature on learning and behavioral changes. Finally, satisfaction levels of clients before and after the receipt of personal brand coaching was assessed. Participants were a personal brand expert, 6 executive coaches, and 5 clients. The study concluded there is a process by which coaches can be trained in personal brand coaching. However, it varies depending upon the personal brand expert who facilitates it. That is, the content will vary depending upon the facilitator. Additionally, learning occurred for the coaches as evidenced by pretest, posttest and post-posttest data. Furthermore, limited behavioral changes occurred as demonstrated through post-posttest data. Finally, satisfaction levels in the domains of work and life improved for clients as evidenced by pretest and posttest data. The study has limitations. One is that the training program was facilitated by a personal brand expert who had a certain approach to personal brand that may differ from others. Therefore, the training content may differ if facilitated by another personal brand expert. Additionally, the small sample size of coaches and clients was a limitation making it difficult to generalize the findings. Furthermore, the clients received personal brand coaching therefore their experience may not be generalized to other kinds of coaching. Future research may include the use of a control group, coaches who specialize in career transition coaching along with clients who are in-between jobs, a personal brand expert who has a different approach to the subject, and a focus upon client goal attainment rather than satisfaction.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Executive coaching; Branding (Marketing)

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