Lora Geiger


Positive organizational outcomes are associated with fostering thriving well-being as new research shows thriving is tied to higher levels of engagement, innovation, reduced turnover and health care costs, higher affective commitment, productivity, and resiliency to change and burnout. A review of the relevant literature assesses connections in organizational climate, leadership, and individual factors related to resilience and thriving at work. This quantitative correlation study explores the relationship between these factors to assess which organizational, leadership, and individual factors correlate to employee engagement, commitment, resilience, and thriving at work. The findings contribute to understanding what influences human thriving and relatedly sustainability at the individual and organizational level and helps reduce the gap in the literature on ways organizational leaders can foster thriving at work. A sample of 163 employees from 4 companies responded to a survey on organizational climate and leadership factors related to well-being and their relationship to levels of engagement, commitment, resilience, and thriving at work. In summary, fostering a sense of belonging-inclusion, meaning-purpose, growth-mastery, flexibility-autonomy, impact-engagement and commitment-enrichment at work all relate to well-being based on the literature and were found to positively correlate to thriving at work in this study. Further, individual factors that relate to thriving include intrinsic resilience factors self-efficacy and cognitive-affective mindfulness. Lastly, leaders creating an organizational climate of well-being that fosters a sense of belonging-inclusion, meaning-purpose, growth-mastery and flexibility-autonomy collectively relate to creating a sense of impact-engagement, commitment-enrichment and thriving at work.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Organizational behavior; Employee motivation; Organizational effectiveness

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DellaNeve, James