The purpose of this study is to compare the spiritual benefits of practicing photography to the spiritual benefits of practicing prayer, meditation and yoga. Benefits noted were divided into the 4 dimensions of being human: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The study considers Mexican leaders' perceptions of photography as a spiritual practice. A total of 105 Mexican leaders answered surveys. Of the 105 leaders, 14 were professors, 30 were entrepreneurs, 46 were business executives and 15 were students and homemakers (listed as "other") varying in ages from 21 to over 61. The design of this study is descriptive, while the study was quantitative in nature. In preparation for the study, the researcher gathered qualitative information regarding the benefits observed as leaders practice photography. These descriptive answers were then used to create the quantitative surveys for the study. The data demonstrated that photography can be considered a spiritual technique. First, the spiritual benefits shown from practicing photography mirror, to a large degree, the spiritual benefits reported for practicing prayer, meditation, and yoga. The literature also supports the reported similarities; however, participants do not consciously recognize these benefits. Second, the 4 dimensions of being human (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual) are divided into 5 factors: (a) physical well-being and better decision-making, (b) optimism in life, (c) interrelation with the environment and intellectual development, (d) relaxing, and (e) spiritual growth.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational change; Photography -- Religious aspects; Spirituality in art; Well-being -- Religious aspects; Management -- Religious aspects

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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DePorres, Daphne;