By virtue of their age and relative inexperience, young employees tend to lack the professional competencies their organizations need such as communication skills, suitable workplace conduct. These deficits can significantly affect how these employees select, engage, and perform in the workplace. This action research study examined the effects of a work identity intervention in a sample of young professionals. Twelve full-time working adults aged 24-30 were recruited to participate in the intervention designed to deepen their understanding of their work identity, defined as who a person is at work and how he or she is defined within the context of work. Data were collected through a post-intervention survey that gathered participants’ reactions, knowledge learned, behaviors changed, results achieved, and feedback and suggestions. The study findings indicated that the intervention had a positive effect on participants’ understanding of their work identity. Based on this study, continued testing of the intervention is advised.

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Identity (Psychology); Work environment; Young adults--Employees

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Graziadio Business School



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Gary Mangiofico