The intent of this descriptive study was to build understanding about the tools, methods and theory behind teacher use of a technology-based tool and process to align K-12 curriculum with state standards. A shift to a standards-driven education policy has created conditions in which teachers are encouraged to align classroom instruction to designated content standards but currently educators lack methods, guidance and appropriate strategies to accomplish this task. Curriculum mapping software is one tool that has been developed to aid in this endeavor. Data from an existing survey instrument was utilized to analyze subsets of teacher perception data and to perform a factor analysis to study the tools, methods and theory of the curriculum mapping process. The research addressed the following three research questions: 1. To what extent are teachers able to use the TechPaths curriculum mapping software in order to create instructional units of study that are internally aligned with prescribed content standards in a northwestern state? 2. To what extent do teachers using TechPaths report increased understanding about how instruction aligned to standards improves practice and influences student achievement? 3. What are the factors that represent the underlying constructs of curriculum mapping and how do they correspond to the elements of organizational change presented in the conceptual framework? The researcher analyzed quantitative results of the survey data and the factor analysis and found that teachers appear to be using the software tool to organize and manage curriculum. While engaging in the method of curriculum mapping it appears teachers are reporting that their instruction is aligned to state content standards. An initial theory about the process of curriculum mapping appears to indicate that teachers need support and communication from administrators about the purposes and processes of curriculum mapping. Teachers need additional tool training in order to utilize advanced software features that may facilitate the production of data reports to be used in collegial conversations about curriculum.

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