Innovation is an imperative for long-term health and shareholder returns in firms dependent on product development. Yet, most companies struggle with the tension between creative ideation and implementation. Effectively finding new sources of revenue and improving and profiting from existing products and services reflects a product development ambidexterity challenge. Surveys were collected from 212 development team members representing 31 teams from the transportation, aerospace, and chemical sectors to understand if a new product development (NPD) system’s ambidexterity supported team level innovation performance. When NPD systems are perceived by development team users as ambidextrous structures, their combined ideation and implementation strength contributes directly to team innovation performance. This research supports past findings in contextual ambidexterity and provides a new measure for assessing the ideation and implementation characteristics of NPD systems.

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New products--management; Product management

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Graziadio Business School



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Christopher G. Worley