Employee happiness and satisfaction are unanimously correlated to enhanced levels of productivity and efficiency, making them important for employees and employers. Scandinavian countries consistently rank highly on the world happiness index and correspondingly possess comparatively happier employees in their workplaces. Aside from the structural setting, internal components, and atmosphere of the workplace, it is primarily understood that the initiatives undertaken by Scandinavian countries in relation to the concept of work life balance are significantly important. The concept of work-life balance is cognizant of an employee’s struggle in maintaining equilibrium between work and personal life. This study could aid the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in identifying, implementing, and emulating similar strategies to reap comparable benefits. This research encompassed a quasi-experimental mixed method design which sought to reveal and establish the impact, link, and correlation of numerous independent variables upon employee happiness. The theoretical model guiding this study highlighted four key areas, including organizational, people, job factors, and work-life balance. The qualitative aspect involved dividing these categories into 14 sub-components and utilizing more than 100 academic studies to collect requisite data to determine their theoretical purpose and supposed effect upon employee happiness and productivity. The quantitative aspect involved a corresponding survey conducted in UAE public sector. The data collected were evaluated using the statistical technique of regression analysis to estimate relationships between variables, which was eventually tied with the qualitative research to either confirm or refute the conclusions reached earlier. Each section of the survey was assessed using the Cronbach Alpha Score. It was concluded that countries possess the skill of augmenting workplace factors to achieve the desired result of increased productivity. Such factors and strategies are not yet well understood nor endorsed in the UAE. As such, this research sought to clarify the value and influence of work-life balance and other components on employee happiness, revealing areas of improvement in the UAE work environment.

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Work-life balance; Happiness; United Arab Emirates

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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James DellaNeve