This study examined whether a mixed-cohort of billable and non-billable (e.g., marketing, human resources, accounting, technology) participants in a high-potential development program is beneficial to the organizations that utilize this development approach and to the participants in such programs. This research focused on professional service firms with time-defined and structured high-potential programs. This study utilized a mixed-method design and gathered data in two phases: a survey and a focus group. These methods were used to obtain participant sentiments of participating in their respective high-potential programs. Twenty-five high-potential professionals completed the survey and six participated in the focus group. The study found that participants benefited from the mixed-cohort experience to varying degrees. In addition, the study concluded that professional services firms may also benefit from this approach when high-potential programs are thoughtfully designed and communicated.

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Professional corporations; Organizational change; Career development

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George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management



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Gary Mangiofico