Jon O. Gary


The purpose of the study was for the researcher to develop and have evaluated the content, organization and ease of use of a computer-training program Emergency Response Quick Start book based on Information and Communication Technology environmental designs. This book was most notably based on underutilized women social networking traditions (food recipe/ meal preparation, and service). One research objective guided the development and evaluation of this training program: 1. This study provided an opportunity for a group of urban adults to evaluate, clarify, and test the ease of use of this computer-training program Emergency Response Quick Start book. The 14 participant trainees were parents of the students at the various school sites where the trainings were held. The school sites Bancroft Middle School and the New Open World (Now) Academy (Los Angeles) are both designated as free and reduced lunch sites. Thus the parent trainees represent the low-income constituency that the researcher wanted as his sample. The program lasted for five sessions. The majority of the participants found the pilot created a training program Emergency Response Quick Start book that became easier to follow by the end of the program. Recommendations for this program included building sustainable ICT communities to support a larger expansion of this program with children and other capable family members as trainers for the parents, and an instructional kit with simple multilingual signage instructions, poster size instructions, and note cards to best support low technology using urban adults with emergency technology needs.

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Dissertations (EdD) -- Organizational leadership; Computer literacy; Women; Communication -- Social aspects

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Graduate School of Education and Psychology



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Walters, Lauren