Mariam Zadeh

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What is it that separates the best from the rest? Generally speaking, the highly coveted litigators and mediators draw people to them over and over again because of that something extra they possess. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), that something extra is often referred to as "the difference that makes the difference." Outstanding performers in any field instinctively know the "difference that makes the difference." Successful trial lawyers, for example, have a keen knack for connecting with the jury and persuading them to follow their lead in support of the client's case. Similarly, parties prefer some mediators over others in large part because they are able to move people away from their entrenched positions and toward a more flexible mindset needed to settle cases. Although litigating and mediating require quite different skill sets, a review of those who demonstrate excellence in either of these fields will yield certain common denominators, which can be identified using NLP.