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In an expansive marketplace where large organizations in the construction, manufacturing, service and union industries are facing increased global competition, collaborative labor relations are essential to maximizing efficiency and productivity. It is for this reason that developing collaboration between labor and management is highly researched and consulted by academics and professionals throughout the world. Although various models of collaboration have been developed, none have been found to clearly overcome that insidious conflict and paradigm of "Labor vs. Management." The purpose of this paper is to provide academics and consultants (mediators/facilitators) an additional perspective for designing, developing and implementing the best possible collaborative labor-management relationship model. This paper will provide a model by which the roles in the construction industry parallel and match the roles of management and labor in the manufacturing/service industry. Then five specific protocols in construction partnering will be reviewed and considered for their applicability and potential benefit to the labor-management community. Throughout, the effect upon the role of the mediator/facilitator will be discussed.