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This article will attempt to both examine the ramifications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, as well as determine a path to begin the process of renegotiating trade deals with the EU and other countries throughout the world. Part I will begin by providing a brief historical overview of the formation of the EU and a focus on how and when the UK joined the EU. Part II will present the stages of leaving the EU, specifically introducing Article 50 and how it is used. Part III will provide an understanding of what trade deals are, how they work within the EU, and what will be necessary for the UK to prioritize in preparing for negotiating new trade deals. Part IV will examine some of the trade models currently used around the world, as well as if and how the UK may employ such a model. Part V will offer some conclusory remarks, as well as outline a suitable model for a UK trade model to begin negotiations that may provide the optimal conditions for a smooth departure and a fresh start.