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This article will address the petition process and its pitfalls and will provide a recommendation regarding changes that can be made in order to improve the system. Section II will first address the specific requirements that must be presented to the TTB when petitioning for a new or modified AVA. Section II will then discuss the options available to the TTB to address incoming petitions. Section III will examine the three areas of an AVA petition that can be the most problematic and will cite specific examples of those problem areas (with an emphasis on the Paso Robles petition). Section IV introduces the suggestion to create a new intent to petition stage at the onset of the process and recommends using mediation to resolve complaints that arise in the process. Lastly, Section V notes that this article is not stating that mediation is the only method for updating this process, but mediation is similar to an option already available to the TTB. Mediation also achieves the goals of the public comment period but is more efficient when combined with the public comment period.