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This article reviews the Beijing Olympic Games cases heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Appeal Division before and after the Olympic Games and the Ad-hoc Division (AHD) in Beijing, together with pertinent IOC Executive Board doping and disciplinary decisions. The discussion is in chronological order dealing first with Olympic-related cases that were heard by the ordinary and appeal divisions in Lausanne prior to the AHD taking jurisdiction of Olympic matters. Those cases are followed by appeals heard by the appeal division while the AHD took jurisdiction over Olympic matters in Beijing. A discussion of the decisions made by the AHD and IOC during the pre-games lead-up to the opening ceremonies then follows, after which attention is turned to those cases that arose during the Olympic Games and were disposed of by the AHD and IOC at the Games. Finally, the appeals made to the CAS after the close of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games but related thereto will be reviewed.