Dar's Story: Memoirs of a Secret Service Agent


Dar's Story: Memoirs of a Secret Service Agent


Darwin Horn



Dar's Story is a firsthand narrative encapsulating the fascinating life of a U.S. Secret Service Agent. Darwin takes the reader on a journey through his educational years, from elementary schools in St. Louis, Missouri, and Venice, California, to junior high and high school in Inglewood, California. After high school, Dar enlisted in the U.S. Navy, ultimately being assigned to the USS Serene during World War II. He not only served his country with honor but also made lifelong friends with many of his shipmates. After the war, Dar takes the reader through his adventures first at Los Angeles City College; then at George Pepperdine College in Los Angeles, California where he met and fell in love with Shirley Ann, now his wife of fifty-one years. At Pepperdine, he excelled athletically as the star fullback for Pepperdine's championship football team. His academic career came to a conclusion at the University of Southern California, where he earned his master's degree. Fresh out of Pepperdine, Dar entered the Los Angeles Police Department, where he served for two years as a police officer - a job that gave him the experience and knowledge he needed for his ultimate career choice: the U.S. Secret Service. He began his work in the U.S. Secret Service in 1951, a wonderful and fulfilling career that spanned over thirty years. His journal-like entries come alive through vivid stories of the sometimes dangerous, and always exciting, protection assignments of nine presidents from Eisenhower to Reagan, as well as many kings, queens, prime ministers, and other foreign political VIPs. He recounts his extensive travels that took him through every state in the nation and to 75 foreign countries. As Darwin journeys through the life of a secret serviceman, the reader discovers what Darwin himself discovers on the road of life: that the agents of the U.S. Secret Service are some of the finest law enforcement personnel in the world.

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Darwin Horn


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Dar's Story: Memoirs of a Secret Service Agent