Events from 2016


Global Tides International Studies and Languages Panel Discussion, Lauren Margaret Haberstock, Rachel Hews, and Pukun Huang

Linguistic Practices, Attitudes and Identities of Hispanic Immigrants in Los Angeles: Two Case Studies, Heather C. Odell


The Palermo Protocol: Why It Has Been Ineffective in Reducing Human Sex Trafficking, Christina Seideman

Events from 2015

Creation, the Word, and Relationships: “The Void” and Implicit Christian Theology in Calvino’s Later Fiction, Catherine E. Golitzin

Events from 2014


The Right to Choose: Women’s Political Activity in Islamic States, Emily A. Gibson


The Consequences of Somali Piracy on International Trade, La'Nita M. Johnson


Equality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: The price of duality and bilingualism, Alexandria Roberts-Mendel

Submissions from 2012


The Life and Works of Rashīd al-Dīn: Jewish Vizier in the Mongol Ilkhanid Court, Sienna Z. Jackson